Making the most of the large community-service land on 4th Street

This post has several suggestions regarding the large property (multiple parcels) of land on 4th Street in Nanaimo; including 604 4th St, 560 4th St, and 361 Howard Ave. Much of this land is currently zoned Community-Service-1 (previously the site of a school) and is up for rezoning and subdivision into condos.

References (City of Nanaimo):
604 4th St Rezoning Application (RA000480),
560 4th St & 361 Howard Ave Rezoning Application (RA000476),
560 4th St & 361 Howard Ave Subdivision (SUB01478),
560 4th St & 361 Howard Ave Subdivision (SUB01469),
Public Hearings Info

I request that the City of Nanaimo require a higher level of public benefit from this large chunk of land that is zoned for community service. It seems unfortunate to not get more public space from a land that was once entirely public space.

The following illustration demonstrates that even some simple adjustments could provide not only more public park land, but even allows for more housing! An additional benefit of this idea is that it would significantly reduce (automobile) through-traffic, as it would require a more circuitous route. This reduced traffic volume (and vehicle speed) would make for a safer street environment in the neighbourhood generally.

It seems that there are more beneficial opportunities that can be had with this large and central property. With further design efforts we might find even more interesting possibilities for this site.

The plan as presented in the rezoning application can be viewed here.

Where-as, here is my quick concept of how even some simple changes could improve the land use…

Illustration of street layout allowing for more park
An example of how we can reduce low-value land use (redundant streets) with high value public space (parks & pathways)